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Stop the invasion of indigenous territories and the destruction of uncontacted indigenous peoples in the Amazon

We, indigenous peoples, won't allow any more massacres! We need you to fight by our side. Uncontacted indigenous peoples have the right to live in their territories.


This is urgent and we must act now.


Uncontacted indigenous peoples have the right to survive and to continue living in their territories in the way they choose.


Without their forests and rivers, they will not survive!

Sign the petition and push the Brazilian government to renew the Land Protection Orders which shield these peoples and their territories.

Sign the petition




Act now to prevent uncontacted indigenous peoples from being wiped out

Soon, four Land Protection Orders which shield uncontacted indigenous peoples’ territories in the Amazon will expire. 

If they are not renewed, the Piripkura, Pirititi, Jacareúba/Katawixi and Ituna/Itatá indigenous territories could be further invaded and completely destroyed. 

The forests could be cut down and the rivers polluted. The uncontacted indigenous peoples who live there could be wiped out. 

To prevent this from happening, FUNAI – the Brazilian government’s indigenous affairs department – must URGENTLY renew the Land Protection Orders. 

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